Joy is a US Department of State alumni for the Community solutions Program 2016. She was a  Policy Fellow at Sunlight Foundation in Washington DC and  presently,the Advocacy officer for Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda,  where she empowers citizens to actively and sustainably demand transparency and accountability from public and corporate officials. In her governance journey, she has researched, Investigated and tackled corruption in Uganda and strengthened linkages between local, national initiatives and International institutions and actors. Joy has worked with communities where she has established and operationalized a sustainable community-based transparency and accountability monitoring program as well as strengthened the capacity of civil society organizations and marginalized rights holders to prevent corruption and demand for transparency and accountability in public service delivery.  With Sunlight Foundation,Joy contributed to international research and open data advocacy by conducting research on open data in extractives -Open Oil  as well as using public data to improve policing in Uganda.She has a well built practice of 6 years experience in governance, policy research, open data and civic tech, capacity building and advocacy ,and engagement with inter-governmental entities.  Join Joy in envisioning a world where transparency and accountability exists.