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Joy is a US Department of State alumni for the Community solutions Program 2016. She was a Policy Fellow at Sunlight Foundation in Washington DC and presently,the Advocacy officer for Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda, where she empowers citizens to actively and sustainably demand transparency and accountability from public and corporate officials. Join Joy in envisioning a world where transparency and accountability exists.

  As the sun rises on such a beautiful Wednesday morning, my thoughts cannot be separated from what has happened in Uganda for the last three months. But, as of today, let’s talk about one of the country’s key sectors–the … Continue reading

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Can Data about police practice improve citizen people relations with Uganda’s Police?

    For those following developments about police practice in Uganda, less surprising the few months into 2017 have not been the best  of moments for  Uganda’s national force. Painting the Picture: What could the police be doing wrong? In … Continue reading

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SIM card registration in Uganda: When Data management and transparency is tested

In April 2017, the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) ordered a 7 days ultimatum demanding Ugandan citizens to register their SIM cards with local service providers using their national identity cards or risk deactivation. The move by government is defended on grounds … Continue reading

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Embrace Open Justice to improve judicial transparency and accountability in Uganda

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Performance of Uganda’s health Sector; Can increased financial allocation improve service delivery?

Uganda’s human development especially the health sector is ranked 20th on the continent  at a score of 70.3 in the Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance 2015. To her credit, Uganda’s health sector has  registered improvements over the last four … Continue reading

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Using open data to strengthen human rights reporting and awareness creation in Uganda

With access to data by selected individuals and agencies, information could be used for selfish interests while limiting the additional pathways to raise awareness to human rights issues like describing a vivid story and sparking grassroots advocacy initiatives, while grounding these issues within a local context rather than relying so heavily on international initiatives with a Western lens.

On the other hand, lack of a centralized human rights data base affects human rights monitoring and reporting as each party interprets and reports what they have, but not what is actually on ground. Continue reading

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Uganda’s Open data Trek

(Photo credit: Open data are online, free of cost, accessible data that can be used, reused and distributed provided that the data source is attributed and shared alike. Open data is valuable in many ways including; transparency and democratic … Continue reading

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